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Many non-profit organizations today manage multiple programs, offering services from education, health, infrastructure and humanitarian aid across the globe. The need for reliable, accessible and traceable data that reconciles internal billing information with federal contracts and grants and program operations), with annual estimates of expenses is of critical importance to non-profits. Transparency and accountability are essential where goods, works, and services are purchased, contracts signed, and grants approved


By far the largest hurdle for small to midsized organizations to overcome is the requirement to provide excruciating detail about the direct, indirect and overhead expenses associated with every item billed to the government in fulfillment of specific contract awards. For-profit and non-profit international development implementing partners, like traditional government contractors, must capture all costs associated with goods and services sold to federal agencies and departments, and back up those amounts with supporting accounting records.

To kick things off, the government will require a “pre-award survey” which is designed to evaluate contractor accounting system’s ability to conduct cost-based invoicing using segregated direct and indirect costs. Solutions like QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quicken and Excel spreadsheets are not built to keep contractors compliant with these requirements.


Our Financial and Management Systems “SIMPLE” ensure transparency and accountability in program, grant and contract management including experience managing, dispersing, monitoring and accounting for grant and trust fund expenditures. Our Procurement, Contract, and Grant Management Systems brings measurable value for your organization and those you serve. Our system helps you to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve quality and consistency, reduce risk, advance cross-group and cross-agency coordination, improve operational transparency, improve enterprise-wide functions and operations, create better workflow and monitor programs

Team and experience

SectorMax executives worked in regions of the world that present social, political, and technical challenges, and particularly specialized in helping implementers and communities affected by conflict and war to recover and improve by leveraging technology solutions to maximize compliance and minimize risk. We have collaborated with a wide range of organizations to design and implement humanitarian relief and development aid programs.

We worked in Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Jordan, Burkina Faso, Chad, Ethiopia, Mozambique, West Bank, Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon supporting DFAT Australian aid projects, USAID, UN, UNHCR, World Bank and many host Governments.

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