IT Services

IT Management

SectorMax develops and implements integrated technology solutions for large-scale, multimillion-dollar programs and initiatives. We deliver consistent enterprise-wide IT solutions based on best practices, technical knowledge, and hands-on experience. SectorMax understands that excellence cannot be achieved solely by technical solutions, but also involves the planning, oversight and management of schedules, budgets and requirements; the identification and management of risk; and a deep understanding of the customer domain.

Our combined program and IT Management approach is client-focused and delivers the right automated information solutions for our clients, while staying aligned to the overall organizational strategy. We involve our clients to ensure clearly defined expectations, proactive communications, business process-centered systems, and solutions that are designed to integrate into clients' enterprise-wide needs. Bridging the gap between technology and users is our goal.

Even with the variety of commercial software packages and hardware systems available, organizations must still rely on Software Analysts, Programmers, and Network Engineers to develop custom software, customize functionality, maintain applications, and integrate disparate information systems. As long-term partners in our client's success, our IT systems and services provide quick, secure access to the right information from anywhere within an organization, allowing our clients to manage their business processes effectively, improve performance, and reduce costs. We focus on government organizations where we can leverage our core competencies to provide integrated business solutions that benefit the entire organization. SectorMax IT Management Services includes:

  • IT Strategy and Architecture
  • Systems Engineering Development and Integration
  • Network Services
  • Database Services
  • Web and Multimedia Services
  • Governance
  • Cyber Security and Compliance
  • Executive Insight
  • Strategy and Enterprise Architecture
  • Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) and Portfolio Management
  • Process Improvement—ITIL®, Lean Six Sigma®, and CMMI®
  • Operations Management and Delivery Oversight
  • Cyber Security
  • Strategic Sourcing

Systems / Software Engineering

Software engineering and systems integration are performed by highly qualified and experienced professionals at SectorMax. With SectorMax, we operate with the understanding that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for our clients’ software engineering and systems integration needs. Our experts are attentive to the given requirements and create solutions based on what is needed — not what we have already designed.

Incorporating experience gained through CMMI efforts, SectorMax also provides high-quality configuration management services, quality assurance, independent verification and validation services, continuous integration build environments, and production test suites for all types of projects. Proven excellence in software development and disciplined repeatable processes, tailored specifically for the task at hand, makes SectorMax an ideal partner for your next software development project.

SectorMax Architects and Software Engineers are adept at applying the right process and procedure to the task at hand. SectorMax personnel are well versed in numerous software development methodologies, including waterfall, incremental, rapid application development, spiral, and XP. SectorMax understands the importance of meeting critical program requirements throughout the software development life cycle, from requirements analysis and decomposition to design and development, to integration, and testing.

Trusted software engineering and systems integration solutions are actualized by listening to requirements, researching and testing candidate technologies, and offering best courses of action to fit cost and schedule parameters. Clients benefit from our competencies due to the way our software engineering and systems integration practices revolve around Agile processes such as Scrum. Clients come first, and by remaining agile, we are able to give them a clear view of a project from start to finish.

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