International Development

Today’s International Development work demands flexibility and the capacity to operate in some of the harshest and most challenging environments. Byeffectively utilizing a robust Risk Management strategy learned from decades of work under the most difficult of circumstances, we know how toensure safe and effective project delivery in all environments.

Donors and implementing partners alike have a responsibility to both taxpayers and beneficiaries to ensure that all aid is disbursed effectively, efficientlyand in a non-corrupt way. This responsibility applies not only when a donor is procuring directly in support of its programs, but also when funds are being managed by contractors, NGOs, recipient governments or other development partners.

Project environments for International Development is far more complex than domestic projects in industrialized countries. There are many internal and external, visible, and invisible factors that influence the environment that create high risk in accomplishing project objectives. Some of the contributing factors are:

  • Influence of various stakeholders such as International Development Financial Institutions (IDFIs), citizen groups, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), media, political ruling class, and bureaucrats
  • Cultural, socioeconomically, technological, and political environment
  • Lack of managerial and technological capabilities in the recipient countries
  • Unclear project objectives
  • Shortage of resources
  • Lack of ownership
  • Poor infrastructure for project development
  • External driving forces such as inflation, currency exchange, and international politics.

SectorMax’s CIO has significant worldwide experience in privately sponsored, large-scale projects of all types, as well as in government sponsored public-private partnerships. SectorMax understands that International Development requires an organization able to adapt to changing circumstances and political influences, and we can deliver a team capable of meeting the challenges presented by this demanding environment. Using ingenuity and innovative technology, we solve developmental challenges by providing real solutions that work in remote, rural, or difficult to reach areas. Our professional expertise and deep understanding of International Development sets us apart. We are able to unpack complex challenges and bring greater clarity and rigor to the field.

SectorMax specializes in consulting and implementation of International Development Project Management software (SIMPLE) adapted to the needs of International Development projects as well as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). SectorMax excels in customizing professional standard software to customers’ needs. When off-the-shelf software is not available at a reasonable price or not a viable solution, IT solutions are custom developed to our customer’s specification. These services encompass extensive training, maintenance, and support so that the tools are of sustained benefit for customers and well accepted by users.

We help the world respond to the extraordinary challenges of an interconnected and fast-paced international environment. Building on our private-sector relationships and multi-disciplinary expertise, we deliver integrated, comprehensive solutions to International Development challenges with integrity, transparency, accountability, innovation, and reliability. We believe in 'getting to the heart of the problem’ and can help shape projects right from the outset. Our approach is based on sound science, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, innovative technologies, and best practices. Our expertise includes monitoring and evaluation tools, grants and contracts management systems, compliance systems, public-private partnerships, strategic advice, technical expertise, and assessment and evaluation to help our partners get the best results at the organizational, program, or project level.

Strategy and Operations

Many organizations face the challenge of interpreting far-scattered data and information from a variety of applications and databases. As organizations grow, so does the number of software solutions in place; however, only a few organizations have an integrated system which streamlines data processing and analysis and delivers meaningful information. Consequently, indicators that would draw the management’s attention to critical issues are not available, and decisions are made based on estimates rather than reliable indicators. SectorMax brings world-class management and a talented group of International Development professionals to help empower organizations. We help development agencies create and manage their program strategies while also supplying full operational support for executing the strategy.

Fund Management and Financial Management Systems

Transparency and accountability in the use of funds entrusted by governments, development agencies and other donors is a major issue in development cooperation. Our Financial and Management Systems ensure transparency and accountability in program, grant and contract management including experience managing, dispersing, monitoring and accounting for grant and trust fund expenditures.

Procurement, Contract, and Grant Management Systems

Transparency and accountability are essential where goods, works, and services are purchased, contracts signed, and grants approved. Our Procurement, Contract, and Grant Management Systems brings measurable value for your organization and those you serve. Our system helps you to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve quality and consistency, reduce risk, advance cross-group and cross-agency coordination, improve operational transparency, improve enterprise-wide functions and operations, create better workflow and monitor programs.

Sharing Knowledge

We believe in sharing new knowledge and lessons learned for the benefit of all. SectorMax has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience from working in more than 20 countries, and has over 20 years of experience. In addition, team members are Hostile Environment Trained (HEAT) and security vetted to ensure that the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality are maintained.

Through our projects and corporate responsibility initiatives we are committed to working to improve quality of life and eliminate poverty, as set out in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and thereby lay the foundation for sustainable social and economic development.

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