International Development organizations are unquestionably drawn to the benefits of modern computing initiatives such as unified communications, consolidation, mobility, and cloud. Now SectorMax can help International Development organizations to embrace each and every modern computing initiative with confidence, and build a hyper converged enterprise network into your strategic corporate assets.


Internet traffic consumes around more than 90 percent of the existing communication channels around the world and broadband is limited in geographical coverage and performance and is not consistent in quality even in some of the most developed countries like USA and Japan.

In emerging markets the situation is even worse where local Internet exchanges are not available and web pages or corporate data centers are hosted in different and remote continents making the WAN a limiting factor for the Internet performance. Every second the same content from the Internet is sent thousands or some time millions of times each time utilizing a communication channel and filling them of unnecessary redundant data in an inefficient way using inefficient legacy protocols and inefficient web page structures coming from decades ago, from the beginnings of the Internet.

The insecurity and management resources of Internet based links add another layer of complexity to the current use of the Internet in particular for organizations operating in hundreds of countries making Internet based connections difficult to maintain and operate requiring hundreds of firewall systems that make the connections even more inefficient.


SectorMax team has developed technology that enables next generation optimized Internet that is better, more secure and faster. This new SectorMax exclusive technology delivers optimized speeds directly to the field offices wherever they are located worldwide. Unlike today’s IT solutions, SectorMax systems are more than just prepackaged bundles of hardware and software that work in silos; SectorMax offer systems that are integrated by design, using built-in expertise to balance and coordinate your IT resources to create a radically simplified experience for your end user.

SectorMax combines leading-edge technology with telecommunications expertizes to offer the most comprehensive solutions to your mission critical projects worldwide.

Team and experience

Founded by experts who have played an influential role in global information and telecommunication technology industry for more than 15 years. SectorMax leadership brings to the table time-tested experience and critical strategy viewpoint helping implementers of USAID, UN, UNHCR, World Bank, Australian Government and other donors in South East Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and MENA countries, West Africa, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

We will be more than happy to help your organization’s unique challenges. Please contact: Mladen Basaric : MBasaric/at/sectormax.com

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