HR Consulting

More often than not, HR finds itself lagging behind the rest of the organization in actively identifying and implementing changes that increase productivity,improve service, and reduce costs.

Businesses in every industry struggle to assemble the management structure, leadership skills and overall workforce productivity to capitalize on rapidlyshifting conditions and opportunities. Often they find they need new organizational models, people who can lead and contribute within those models,and guidance in making the transition to new ways of doing business.

SectorMax provides government and civilian clients alike with an expansive range of human resource services and solutions, enabling them to properlystaff and facilitate all their operations. SectorMax brings global experience to businesses that are looking to expand outside of theUS. SectorMax provides services to help organizations embrace change and strengthen performance through proactive approaches to improving the organizationand its most valuable asset, its people.

SectorMax specializes in helping clients with their talent management processes and organizational development needs. Our goal is to provide consultingexpertise in helping to create the right talent and organizational structures and processes that will support the greater organization. SectorMaxoffers practical, sensible HR solutions that help our clients achieve their business objectives in ways that are consistent with their culture.We not only provide recommendations and solutions but help our clients with implementation to gain maximum value. Our clients appreciate our experiencein providing straight-forward advice in a collaborative relationship.

SectorMax can provide on or off-site support or a combination of both depending on the needs and operations of your business and employees. SectorMaxwill help you identify areas of HR improvement and add value to the broader organization. SectorMax works together with its clients to supply themwith qualified personnel that are committed to exceptional job performance.

SectorMax recognizes the uniqueness and challenges of each business as well as the need for different levels of support.

SectorMax will help our clients

  • Build and maintain their HR infrastructure;
  • Communicate and implement strategies;
  • Development efficient and effective processes, and;
  • Provide ongoing HR management and compliance support.

SectorMax HR Consulting Services Includes

  • HR Transformation
  • HR Technology
  • Employee Onboarding Tools
  • Talent Management
  • Change Management
  • Change Management
  • Learning and Development
  • HR Service Delivery
  • Organization Design
  • Employee Engagement

SectorMax is dedicated to seeing its clients succeed in all their organizational objectives. That is why we fully configure all our operational solutionsto meet the express needs of each client. We go the extra mile to ensure that we not only exceed our clients’ expectations, but also set them upfor long term success through our solutions.

Talent Acquisition

Helping organizations do a better job of hiring quality employees through improvements in employment branding, sourcing candidates, screening and selectingtop candidates, and processing them through to completion.

Talent Retention

Helping organizations to better understand the cause and effect of HR, management and supervisory actions that impact turnover, and designing and implementingsolutions to reduce these occurrences.

Talent Planning

Helping organizations create their next generation of leaders through identification and development of high potentials, and create future workforcesthat have the competencies to support changing business strategies.

Organizational Assessment

Helping organizations identify the underlying attitudes, beliefs and values that create the organizational culture, and how these relate to behaviorswhich inhibit or facilitate the achievement of organizational objectives.

Organizational Alignment

Helping organizations transform and align their structures and business processes to achieve business objectives. Focusing on changing the way peoplebehave within and across organizational units.

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